About Shante'


I am an artist that enjoys creating pieces of artwork that emphasizes expression.  I am inspired by subjects dealing specifically with everyday people in common daily settings. I like to capture moments in time that most people would consider less likely desirable. My artwork has a realistic style but a raw edge. When I create a piece of art my intention is to tell a story by capture feelings and emotions dealing with that specific subject matter (poverty, homelessness, natural disaster, etc.). Variety is the spice of life and as an artist I believe it is good to have a diverse understanding of how to create art of all subject matters and to never limit your usage of materials.  I strive to incorporate the same emotions and feelings that I encompass in my figurative pieces as well as in my non-figurative or abstract work. 

I recently decided to push my boundaries as an artist by create abstract art.   During the process in creating abstract art I have broaden my skills and I gain a level of confidence and drive to take more risks. I also found while creating abstract art my mind is open to more creative options and my vision as an artist has become clear. I enjoy creating both realistic and abstract art work and want to continue to explore and evolve as an artist.

When growing up in the projects in Chicago I found that some people could not identify with the adversity of living in a poverty- stricken community.  From my experience growing up poor, we were sometimes considered invisible, and our everyday issues sometimes went unnoticed. 

It important that my work embodies the essence of the human spirit that is in all of us regardless of our backgrounds.  Socio-economic struggles and challenging human relationships could impact anyone’s life and change how a person lives and thinks.  In my work I dream to raise awareness regardless of whether people want to acknowledge certain issues exist in our world today. 

My Influences:
 I feel a connection with artists such as Charles White because his drawings and paintings affirm the humanity and beauty of African American people and culture. Common subjects of his artwork include scenes depicting African American history in the United States, socio-economic struggles, human relationships, and portraits. I am also inspired by revolutionary Africobra Artists Wadsworth Jarrell and Barbara Jones Hogu. They believed that their art must communicate to its viewer a statement of truth, of action, of education, of conditions and the state of being an African American during that time. They spoke to and for blacks by expressing common thoughts, feelings, trials and tribulations that existed in the black community. There is a common thread inside of me to engage myself as an artist such as the artists I mentioned.


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